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About Kathleen Sullivan CD, CPDT - Postpartum Doula, Infant Specialist / Baby Nurse / Night Nurse in Los Angeles, CA

Kathleen Sullivan, Postpartum Doula in Los Angeles

I absolutely love my work! I feel so fortunate to have found a career that fits me so perfectly. I have a great knowledge of newborns and I feel so satisfied helping Moms learn about their new addition. I have a keen sense of how to approach each family and make myself available to all their needs. My clients become my friends and that's the best testimonial anyone can have! I serve the Southern California areas, including Los Angeles (LA) and Orange County, California.

Kathleen Sullivan, Postpartum Doula in Los Angeles

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"Kathleen is a baby fairy godmother!! I was overwhelmed by the hormonal shift of giving birth, sleep deprived, crying, and constantly second guessing every choice I was making as a new mother. I needed some guidance. My husband found Katleen by Googling "Night Nurse West Hollywood". She is a god send! The moment Kathleen entered our home, she brought a calming energy. I'm so thankful we found her. In our first meeting she taught me how to nap our 2 week son. (wish I would have found her sooner), how to set up his bassinet, and the importance of setting up a "routine" instead of a "schedule" during the first 12 weeks. She's available via text 24/7 and will make as many house visits as we need. For new parents, she a must!! Totally worth every penny. She's worked with over 700+ babies so she knows what's she doing. Don't hesitate, call her today."

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