About Kathleen Sullivan CD, CPDT - Postpartum Doula, Infant Specialist / Baby Nurse / Night Nurse in Los Angeles, CA

Kathleen Sullivan, Postpartum Doula in Los Angeles

I absolutely love my work! I feel so fortunate to have found a career that fits me so perfectly. I have a great knowledge of newborns and I feel so satisfied helping Moms learn about their new addition. I have a keen sense of how to approach each family and make myself available to all their needs. My clients become my friends and that's the best testimonial anyone can have! I serve the Southern California areas, including Los Angeles (LA) and Orange County, California.

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"Kathleen is a gem. Warm and compassionate, she offers a wealth of knowledge and experience. My family is especially indebted to Kathleen for spotting early signs of an illness in our daughter that prompted us to get her medical attention fast -- something that proved of critical importance."

Holly, mother of twins

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