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Contact Kathleen for Postpartum Doula / Infant Specialist / Baby Nurse / Night Nurse Services - Los Angeles, Orange County, CA

I am easy to reach! You can send me an email to schedule a consultation at You can also reach me immediately via phone at (310) 486-1040. Please either call or email and I can help you out right away!

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Phone: (310) 486-1040

Client Testimonials

"Kathleen is a godsend! We arrived home with our newborn exhausted and overwhelmed. We scheduled an appointment with Kathleen to come to our home the following day and she brought such a calming presence. She helped us with setting up our home so it was more baby friendly, lactation and feeding advice, showed us how to give baby a sponge bath, and overall relieved our anxiety and helped us feel more at ease about parenthood. I highly recommend her to parents- she has so much to offer and was a lifesaver during that first week of craziness. She also has extensive resources for things like finding a nanny. She is trustworthy and comforting and the perfect person to help with babies of any age."

Katherine L.