SoftSlumbers Services: Postpartum Doula / Infant Specialist / Baby Nurse / Night Nurse Specialities in Los Angeles and Orange County, CA

Kathleen Sullivan

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Doula Baby Nurse

SoftSlumbers provides child care services such as postpartum doula, infant specialist, night nurse, night doula and baby nurse services to the Southern California area, including: Los Angeles and Orange County, California. Please contact her for more information on any of her day and night nurse services!

Client Testimonials

"During her time with us, Kathleen became a member of our family and taught my wife and me how to be parents to our boy. She did all the tough jobs including the dreaded middle of the night feedings. She cleaned, cooked (fantastically) and supported us in every way imaginable. She even managed to bond our somewhat aloof dog, Olivia. But more important than anything, Kathleen formed a bond with our son and seemed to love him and care for him as much as Paige and I did. Furthermore, she proved very responsible and trustworthy, inspiring our confidence from day one.

Based on the above, I highly recommend Kathleen Sullivan as a postpartum doula. Please do not hesitate to call me or my wife if you would like further information."

Most sincerely yours,
Barry and Paige