Client Testimonials

Stacey and I are very sad your time with us is coming to an end :( . You have been our rock, guide, mentor, friend ever since Scarlett decided to join the world. For that we and I am thoroughly greatful. When our family needed you, you have always been there. And now you will forever be apart of it.

I have the utmost respect and admiration for you... With a full heart and a tear on my cheek. Thank you.

Dear Kathleen,

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for everything that you have done to make our son's transition into the outside world a smooth one. The postpartum preparation classes that you taught answered so many questions that first time moms to be like me have. From what to expect at the hospital to preparations to make at home to make for a successful nursing and slumbering environment, you provided me with insight and hands-on lessons that I certainly did not get from any of the umpteen pregnancy and child rearing books I devoured in my quest to prepare for my adventure in motherhood.

When my husband and I brought our little one home and were having trouble with heart wrenching bouts of fussiness every night, you came to our rescue. The few simple adjustments that you suggested to help Augustus get through the "witching hour" worked immediately to help soothe him and get him to sleep faster.

And many, many thanks for paying a visit to our home for a consultation. The conversations that we had regarding night time routine, breast milk expression, and home environment have made Gus one happy baby. My husband and I are happy, too. We believe this happiness is due in part to you and the amazing work you do at Soft Slumbers.

Many Thanks,
Jessica K.

In the most simple terms, Kathleen taught me how to be a mother, and how to exist in the most difficult role I have ever stepped into.

Even just talking to Kathleen over the phone gave me my first sense of peace and comfort. But meeting her....she sort of has this buddha-esque like presence; she calmed me, the baby, and my husband immediately. She sort of floats around (not literally) and became instant family. No judgement, just help, help, help; she does so much, but it's more than that extra hand. Her true value is just watching how she handles the baby; how she talks to them, bathes them, the energy and presence that she has around them under all circumstances; that's what helped me and my husband the most; just taking in all of her responses to the baby's needs - all that we didn't know!! I honestly can't imagine the stress that we (and the baby) would've been under without her help!

It's funny - I was so resistant to the idea of help before Ethan was born, but the day that he arrived....I finally knew I had met my match. This tough chick (and husband) were humbled pretty quickly, but I can't be thankful enough. Having the courage to reach out to Kathleen for help was the BEST thing I've ever done.

I can't say enough (in words) about Kathleen - just envision a breath of fresh air amidst the most difficult day, and that's her!

-Cindy K.

"Kathleen is much more than just a doula, she's a great person who with bits of advice that come with real solid knowledge and experience. She gives you the boost of confidence and experienced answers every new mom is looking for. I am a first time mom of a precious son with no immediate family in the area. It didn't matter what I read, how many classes I took, Kathleen's words assured me that it will get better. Sometimes that knowledge that we've got a great doula is all we've got when the baby is fussing, not sleeping, eating all the time, but it's a good thing to have :) . Best of all, she'll text you to see how you're doing and help you through tough days."

- Tania

"Kathleen was the doula for our daughter's first couple of months. What she taught us newbie parents was amazing. How she bonded with our daughter was even more so. When she left we all cried. I think we are going to have another kid solely to bring Kathleen back again. All 3 of us agree---we could not recommend Kathleen more."

- Tom S.

"Kathleen Sullivan knows what your baby needs even before he/she does. Experienced, kind, giving and gentle, Kathleen made my husband and me feel like we were getting off on the right start with our newborn even before we brought him home from the hospital. She was charming and fun to have around the house, as well as extremely trustworthy, which was a big relief for us because we're very picky and particular about inviting relative strangers into our home. She has a very calming presence that gave us a sense of security. as well as a wealth of knowledge which she willingly shared with us as she taught us how to nurture our baby. We couldn't have been happier with Kathleen. Two thumbs way up... well, three if you count Baby Jacks!"

- Jamie and David and Baby Jack

What a doula "find" Kathleen is! She's the rare example of someone with whom you feel safe and confident caring for your child... and our son was always calm and content in her arms. We believe Dr. Karp's Happiest Baby may be missing one "S"... Sullivan.

Barb and Michael

Baby Nurse Postpartum Doula Kathleen with Baby

Kathleen is a gem. Warm and compassionate, she offers a wealth of knowledge and experience. My family is especially indebted to Kathleen for spotting early signs of an illness in our daughter that prompted us to get her medical attention fast -- something that proved of critical importance.
Holly, mother of twins

Thank you so much for your time with us. You truly saved us from the verge of a breakdown. Being brand new parents you helped more than you will ever know. I just wish we would have booked you sooner. You taught us so much in such a short time. It has continued to make all the difference for us several weeks later.

With all our love,
Dean and Emily

During her time with us, Kathleen became a member of our family and taught my wife and me how to be parents to our boy. She did all the tough jobs including the dreaded middle of the night feedings. She cleaned, cooked (fantastically) and supported us in every way imaginable. She even managed to bond our somewhat aloof dog, Olivia. But more important than anything, Kathleen formed a bond with our son and seemed to love him and care for him as much as Paige and I did. Furthermore, she proved very responsible and trustworthy, inspiring our confidence from day one.

Based on the above, I highly recommend Kathleen Sullivan as a postpartum doula. Please do not hesitate to call me or my wife if you would like further information.

Most sincerely yours,
Barry and Paige

Baby Nurse Postpartum Doula Kathleen at Doctors

Dear Kathleen,
How do I express in words what you have come to mean to me. You have played a vital part in my transition to motherhood. You have become more than a friend, you have touched my soul and the soul my beautiful children. Thank you so much for your unconditional love and support. I could have never made it through this without you. I greatly look forward to continuing and building our friendship and new lasting memories. Thank you so much for everything.

Love you!

Dear Kathleen,
Thank you so much for your help, care and loving our new twins. We couldn’t have done it without you. Not only have we made a new friend, but our twins have made a lifelong friend, caregiver and confidant. We will miss you dearly and can’t wait to see you soon!