Kathleen Sullivan, C.P.D. | Los Angeles Baby Nurse | Night Nurse

Los Angeles

With years of experience under her belt, baby nurse Kathleen Sullivan is the best choice for you and your family when you welcome your newborn baby into this world. Kathleen is full of information and will be a wonderful resource for you as you learn all about how to care for your baby.

A Resource for New Parents in Los Angeles

Do you find yourself googling things in the middle of the night and finding yourself very frustrated with so many conflicting answers? Hire Kathleen as your newborn baby consultant, she will be available via phone and text to answer all of those questions - day or night!

Kathleen has hundreds of happy first time newborn baby parents because they get the answers they need! Just read her testimonials page to see the raving reviews from first time parents.

"I absolutely love my work! I feel so fortunate to have found a career that fits me so perfectly. I have a great knowledge of newborns and I feel so satisfied helping Moms learn about their new baby," says Kathleen about the work that she does as a baby nurse.

Kathleen provides various levels of care as a night baby nurse (get much needed rest at night!), a breastfeeding supportor, and as a resource of information for new moms in Los Angeles. As a night baby nurse, Kathleen can help your newborn baby with sleep training to help them adjust and sleep through the whole night.

Contact Kathleen

Kathleen is available to speak with you and address all the concerns you may have a parent of a newborn baby. Be sure to contact her to find out how she can help you as you transition into parenthood.